"Not far from the archaeological area of ​​the Parco degli Acquedotti"

The property is located in the Tuscolano district, in the quadrant between the two main consular axes connecting the city centre and the area of ​​the Roman Castles. The building fabric is predominantly residential and annexes the ever-increasing presence of the tertiary sector.
The property complex consists of two main connected blocks, mainly vertical and of regular shape. The outdoor area hosts several parking spaces. The complex has a total of 1 basement, used as a garage that occupies the entire area of ​​the complex, and 6 floors above ground.

  • City: Rome
  • Address: Via Assisi - Via Otricoli
  • Use destination: Mixed
  • Year of contribution: 2017
  • Rental Situation: Single Tenant
  • Total gross covered area: 5,688 sqm