"In the historic square of the cattle market"

The property is in the central Piazza VIII Agosto which became property of the City of Bologna in 1219. Called in the past Piazza del Mercato, since from 1251 place for the livestock market, maintained this name until August 8, 1848, when people from Bologna defeated the Austrian troops and as a sign of victory gave the name of that day to the square that had hosted the contest.
The property consists of a sky-ground building of irregular plan developed on 9 floors above ground and 1 basement. The supporting structure is in reinforced concrete and is characterized by façades covered with stone materials. The building is home to offices and call-centres.

  • City: Bologna
  • Address: Piazza VIII Agosto
  • Use destination: Mixed
  • Year of contribution: 2017
  • Rental Situation: Single Tenant
  • Total gross covered area: 14,102 sqm