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Central Sicaf S.p.A.

Headquarter in Milan, Via Carlo Ottavio Cornaggia n. 6 – 20123 Milano

Tax Code and no. of registration with the Register of Companies of Milan n. 09787770966

Registered in the Register of Sicaf held by the Bank of Italy pursuant to art. 35, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree No. 58/98 at no. 11.

Share capital: € 50.006.728

PEC: centralsicaf@legalmail.it

Webmaster: development@melismelis.it

Hosting and creation

Host: Register S.p.A. – Headquarter: viale della Giovine Italia n. 17, 50122 Firenze

Creation: Melismelis S.r.l. – Headquarter: via Milazzo n. 10, 20121 Milano


Visuals: Melismelis S.r.l. – Headquarter: via Milazzo n. 10, 20121 Milan, Italy

Illustrations: Melismelis S.r.l. – Headquarter: via Milazzo n. 10, 20121 Milan, Italy

Photographs: Central Sicaf S.p.A. – Headquarter: via C. O. Cornaggia n. 6, 20123 Milan, Italy

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